How to use WhatsApp Data Recovery

Learn How to Recover your WhatsApp text messages from your iPhone or Android device.

What Type of device you need to recover data from ?

WhatsApp Data Recovery can successfully recover data from all Apple Mobile devices as iPhone and all Android Devices with any Android release.

Apple iPhone Devices

WhatsApp Data recovery can recover successfully data from any Apple iOS mobile device as iPhone3, iPhone3gs,iPhone 4,iPhone5,iPhone5s,iPhone6 with ease and effectiveness.
Please visit the section how to recover WhatsApp Messages from Apple iPhone

Android Devices


What Kind of data recovery you need ?


Quick start

If you are connecting a device to your Windows Computer, please make sure the device is recognized by Operating system,




iPhone Version

Download your WhatsApp Data Recovery evaluation version for iPhone.All iOS versions above 4.0 are supported

Android Version

Download your WhatsApp Data Recovery evaluation version for Android Smartphone, all android version are supported and no rooting is required.

On Line Tools

Try our on line suite of WhatsApp Data recovery and conversion tools.They Are free !
Where are located WhatsApp messages Database
WhatsApp Databases are located in different places on different devices and in most cases are not accessible by user self.The Database path is very different from device to device and also encryption and storage methods changes.
WhatsApp security brief and encryption explained
With this huge number of users security and privacy protection become more than important, are essential.Discover how WhatsApp protects your personal data.