How to recover WhatsApp Messages from your iPhone

Recovering WhatsApp Messages from your iPhone is more than simple, you do not need more than a click.

WhatsApp messages are stored in a single unencrypted file on your iPhone but this file is not normally accessible by one user if iPhone has not been jaibreaked.

How to extract whatsapp database file from your iphone

Basically you need iTunes installed on your Computer, just connect your iphone to your Mac or your windows Computer and launch iTunes Backup process.
When you Start iTunes backup make sure to do not encrypt backup, in that case, messages will be saved as encrypted file and will not be recoverable.


iPhone Version

Download your WhatsApp Data Recovery evaluation version for iPhone.All iOS versions above 4.0 are supported

Android Version

Download your WhatsApp Data Recovery evaluation version for Android Smartphone, all android version are supported and no rooting is required.

On Line Tools

Try our on line suite of WhatsApp Data recovery and conversion tools.They Are free !
Where are located WhatsApp messages Database
WhatsApp Databases are located in different places on different devices and in most cases are not accessible by user self.The Database path is very different from device to device and also encryption and storage methods changes.
WhatsApp security brief and encryption explained
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