WhatsApp Message Recovery for iPhone

  • Computer is Required
  • iTunes is Required
  • Apple OSX compatible
  • Windows compatible
  • Instant Deleted Messages Recovery

WhatsApp Message Recovery for Android

  • No Root Required
  • No App to install
  • No Computer required
  • No Android ADB Required
  • Instant Deleted Messages Recovery

How it Works

WhatsApp Data Recovery works with encrypted WhatsApp backups, .crypt12,.crypt14,.crypt15.
All you need is selecting the original WhatsApp account and loading into WhatsApp Data Recovery Web App.

Is WhatsApp Data Recovery Safe for my Smarphone and my data ?

WhatsApp Data Recovery will decrypt existing backups, so smartphone will remain untouched and data cannot be altered in any way.

What is WhatsApp Data Recovery Service

WhatsApp Data Recovery is a cloud computing service which helps in decrypting and extracting Messages and Chats from Encrypted and Compressed WhatsApp backup files.

WhatsApp Data Recovery Features

  • Decryption of crypt12,crypt14 and crypt15 format
  • Cloud Extraction of Encryption keys
  • Supports up to 500 MB compressed Backups

How to Locate my WhatsApp Backups ?

WhatsApp backups are located on your phone in your public storage folder.
Just browse your phone using a PC or locate them using android file manager.

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